While standing out from the crowd might not be something you can achieve every day of your life, it’s definitely a worthwhile goal to aspire to as a whole, especially if it helps you achieve your other goals in life.

A person who stands out from the crowd may be someone whose appearance is striking in some way, but more often than not, it is about someone who generates admiration and is remembered by others for being someone special and worthy of looking up to.

At its most basic, standing out from the crowd means embracing your individuality and trusting that your own choices are good ones. Standing out from the crowd won’t happen if you’re thinking with the crowd.  If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’re going to need to stop and ask the hard questions, such as “Is there a point to this?” or “Just because everyone else has X gadget, why do I also need one? Will it enhance my life?”

    • Decide what standing out from the crowd means for you.
    • Dress stylishly and wear what suits you.
    • Remind people how great they are.
    • Don’t be swayed by the crowd.
    • Do what you say you’ll do.
    • Have good manners
    • Think for yourself.
    • Show initiative.
    • Be attentive

Try harder

Are you ready for that interview?

Preparation is an important part of the interview process.
Try harder

To succeed you must stand out at work. Here are six ways:

1- Be first with a purpose.

Lots of employees, managers, and business owners are the first to arrive each day. That’s great, but what do you do with that time? Organize your thoughts? Get a jump on your email?

Instead of taking care of your stuff, do something visibly worthwhile for the company. Take care of unresolved problems from the day before. Set things up so it’s easier for employees to hit the ground running when they come in. Chip away at an ongoing project others ignore.

2- Be known for something specific.

So go above the norm. Be the leader known for turning around struggling employees. Be the owner who makes a few deliveries a week to personally check in with customers. Be the manager who consistently promotes from within. Be known as the employee who responds quicker, acts faster, or always follows up. Pick a worthwhile mission, then excel at that mission. People will notice.

3- Create your own side project.

Excelling at an assigned project is expected. Excelling at a side project helps you stand out. The same applies for a business owner. Experiment on a new process or service with a particular customer in mind. The customer will appreciate how you tried, without being asked, to better meet their needs, and your business will become “that business.”

4- Put your muscle where your mouth is.

Lots of people take verbal stands. Few take a stand and put effort behind their opinions. Say you think a project has gone off the rails; instead of just pointing out its flaws so you can show everyone how smart you are, jump in and help fix it. Everyone talks about problems. The people who help fix them stand out.

5- Show a little of your personal side.

Personal interests help other people to identify and remember you. That’s a huge advantage for a new employee or a company competing in a crowded market. Just make sure your personal interests don’t overshadow professional accomplishments. Let people know a little about you; a few personal details add color and depth to your professional image.

6- Work harder than everyone else.

Nothing – nothing – is a substitute for hard work. Look around: How many people are working as hard as they can? Very few. The best way to stand out is to out-work everyone else. It’s also the easiest way, because you’ll be the only one trying.