“Inspiring Individuality”

To think independently, to experiment endlessly and to create fearlessly… The FAD philosophy is to “Inspire Individuality”. Individuality in thought, Individuality in actions, Individuality in Style and Individuality in Identity… Art & Design is about expressing oneself and FAD provides the environment – the environment that inspires an individual to think experiment and create.


FAD Mission

  • To facilitate the process of learning through an interdisciplinary, research and project based learning methodsCavendish Certified
  • To allow individuals to grow in a liberal Environment
  • To allow students to professionally grow within a global context

To promote Art & Design in India at an academic and professional level by fostering relationships with global design institutions, creative individuals and design firms.

Post  Graduate Programmes

  1. International Post Graduation Programme in Fine Arts
  2. International Post Graduation Programme in Fashion with specializations in Fashion Marketing | Styling | Communication | Retail

3 years Graduate Programmes

  1. Fine Art
  2. Fashion Design

One Year Programmes

  1. Art & Design
  2. Fashion Design
  3. Fashion Marketing & Communication
  4. Jewellery & Accessory Design
  5. Film & Video Production
  6. Photography
  7. Graphic Design
  8. Product & Industrial Design

FAD Education Pattern

  • FAD believes in facilitating the process of learning, and not merely teaching.
  • FAD incorporates a unique teaching methodology that is based on an amalgamation of teaching methodologies applied globally with guidance from leading design schools in UK, Italy and US, tailored to the requirements of Indian ideologies and industry.
  • FAD places high emphasis in the manner of training delivery and proudly cites the difference from regular classroom teaching methodologies.

Designed to create globally versatile students, FAD provide just the right amount of guidance to an Art or Design student that is required to plough out a student’s  underlying originality.

FAD InternationalFAD International Campus

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