jobbPro LogojobbPro is a recruitment agency and training provider with over 30 consultants in the UK and Sweden, provides specialist recruitment services and training to over 100 clients. Founded in 2022, part of Cavendish International Education Ltd to combat the aftermath of the pandemic on the workforce in the UK and Europe, focusing on age and minority discrimination. They have become renowned for connecting talented candidates and brilliant organizations across education, charity, government, professional services, finance, housing, property and construction, social care and health and technology.

jobbPro equip leaders with strategy and vision.

Our society has changed enormously in recent years. We live in an increasingly global world, where different races, cultures, genders, and identities are increasingly interconnected. And everyone’s needs must be covered equally. EW Group’s research showed that the benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace are much greater than just creating an equal society, the organization will also understand its customers better and become faster, better at solving problems resulting in improved business innovation, overall business performance and company reputation.