In today’s private higher and further education space, students face unprecedented choices and the expectations of a global learning experience, wherever their place of study. Now extending far beyond attracting overseas students and delivering UK programmes abroad, internationalisation represents the preparation of all higher and further education graduates to live in, and contribute responsibly to, a globally connected society. We believe that Internationalisation is driven by several factors.

  • Increasingly diverse student populations with more students choosing to study degrees in different universities and overseas.
  • An increasingly diverse higher and further education provision in partnership with UK organisations exporting programmes through transnational education, ‘flying faculties’ and working with international partner organisations.
  • Increasingly high expectations from students and employers for higher and further education providers to equip students with the skills to succeed in a global communities.

Our approach is holistic, embracing the principles of inclusion and globalisation. We support and develop policies and practices that are informed by a broad global view. Our internationalisation framework provides a structure for successful strategy and practice. We have a unique collection of resources, research, reports and guidance documents to support higher and further education providers and learners alike. Cavendish brings together staff and students engaged in learning and teaching through events, resources and networks. We offer workshops, seminars and conferences and provide direct consultancy services to help develop and implement internationalisation strategies and associated practice

Higher Education Authorities brokerage expertise

As an independent broker, we are ideally placed to assist higher and further education providers or individuals with leading or facilitating mediation with higher education authorities. We have broad knowledge of how different individuals, organisations, departments and faculties approach change as well as extensive experience of facilitating sessions designed to help progress change. We also have strong partnerships with other agencies in the sector, who we have worked with on change.

Our approach

Our approach to internationalisation is holistic and built upon the fundamental principle that inclusive policy and practice that empowers international providers also benefits students and their chosen careers. Growing diversity in higher and further education offers a unique opportunity to learn and teach in an international and culturally connected environment which prepares graduates to live in, and contribute responsibly to, national and global societies

International Market Development

Our Market Development team is always ready to advise our clients on their market development strategy, but our real expertise is in the international marketing strategy and implementation. Our team focuses on two main areas, first is the creation of strategic institutional international partnerships for our clients and second to develop the opportunities to recruit international students.

  •  We develop academic partnerships with reputable institutions around the world to increase international learning opportunities for students.
  •  We provide information to prospective international students through recruitment fairs and agency partnerships.