David Game College 

Established in 1974, David Game College aims to promote the joy of knowledge and learning while simultaneously maintaining the sharpest possible focus on the demands of the public examinations.  Our senior advisor, David Game, insists on the teaching of traditional skills and on students understanding the importance of giving attention to detail.  We have an excellent track record of turning around previously underperforming students who benefit from the small classes, close monitoring system and exam-focused approach.  The College closely tracks the examination board specifications to ensure that tutors are following the current model and options and to see that all aspects of the syllabus are covered.  Homework is set regularly and students improve their examination technique through regular timed tests.

The Principal requires tutors to have a first degree in their subject and indeed, many of the staff hold doctorates and other postgraduate qualifications.  Staff retention is high and the College has a strong administrative team to support tutors and ensure that their main focus is on teaching.  With a wide range of A level subjects, we can prepare our students for whatever degree course they wish to study.  We also give special tuition for entry to law and medical school, dentistry and veterinary science degrees.  As well as GCSE and A level examinations, the College also runs one of the UK’s oldest and most respected University Foundation Programmes (UFP).  David Game College has developed strong links with the prestigious Russell Group universities and other leading higher education providers.

For those living away from home, David Game College can offer supervised accommodation and a relaxed atmosphere in which students are treated as adults.  Resident staff will ensure that they are happy, safe and well-motivated.  This includes the monitoring of their attendance and progress, which parents are also encouraged to follow through our dedicated intranet portal.  David Game College attracts students from many countries and was given Highly Trusted Status (HTS) by the UK Border Agency (UKBA) which requires us continually to adapt our admissions and monitoring procedures.  As well as our international students, David Game has a growing number of British students who choose us for the quality of teaching and mature, disciplined but relaxed atmosphere.  The conduct of David Game students was described as “outstanding” in the 2010 Ofsted inspection.

Former students recommend David Game College because of the quality of our teaching.  We blend traditional values with modern technology and teaching methodology and are keen to bring the benefits of private education to a wider audience.  In this aim, the College seeks to promote itself to parents whose children have been underperforming, to those who have been home-educated and to those who are not satisfied with their current school, whether in the independent or maintained sector.  David Game College offers the chance to turn untapped ability into recognised achievements.


URL: www.davidgamecollege.com