Cavendish has been providing education and training services for over 37 years. We have been involved in all aspects of education from course development to setting up Universities. We have a hands-on approach in all our services that ranges from acting as your advisor all the way to partnership. These services are briefly mentioned in this section. Cavendish not only brings you its partners know-how but also it gives you access to the expertise of a vast professionals’ network it has developed over the last three decades.

Developing new partnerships and collaborations around the world is a fundamental policy of Cavendish International. Cavendish history and its current network is the clear evidence of this policy. No project or proposal is too small or big for us to consider. Our current network has the capacity and the flexibility to approach these challenges. Our experience spans over thirty years of teaching students from all over the world, setting up colleges and universities all over the world and developing and validating courses for our partners internationally.

We are ready to listen.

Our team at Cavendish, provides a total solution, from design to implementation. We can create courses to comply both with your local needs and international standards. With the help of our technology department and partners we can implement a complete online delivery platform for your institution, to support your face-to-face courses and your online courses. Quality assurance, performance tracking, and evaluation systems are imbedded in every service we deliver. Our highly scalable service model allows us to deliver a very high-quality standard to our clients irrespective of the size of their project.


We specialise in developing and designing academic and corporate training programs to our client’s specifications. Our international experience in the education business allows us to provide our clients/partners a unique international reach and to overcome the cultural barriers with a closer understanding of our client’s requirements. Our international presence brings the most relevant qualities and expertise to your projects with a solid understanding of academic models. We will work closely with your team, from design to implementation.

  • Setting-up and launching of education institutions
  • Faculty development
  • Curriculum development
  • Content development for online and distance learning courses
  • IT systems support and implementation
  • Quality Assurance services, and training
  • Assisting with acquiring the relevant certifications
  • Technical assistance and training on organisational capacity to successfully enable members to deliver their respective tasks.
  • Professional development and training to assist education leaders and practitioners to become fully in-line with the program.
  • Virtual Learning Solutions from conception to execution.
  • Development of learning content for training programs.