Cavendish International Azerbaijan offer a variety of courses and opportunities.

Cavendish Azerbaijan LogoVisit their site and choose your course and enjoy it! Can’t Decide? Just come in for advice. Or contact them by phone or email. All courses are developed and delivered in a dynamic and interactive environment as we consider learning to be a continuing and transformative experience.


Cavendish International’s courses are pro-active, entrepreneurial, and at the cutting edge of modern practices. They prepare students for competition in the global world of the future. A future that requires practitioners who have the skills and knowledge to make a business grow. A wide range of courses are available for students of all levels in the following fields:

  • Language study
  • Business study
  • And communication study

Visit Cavendish International Azerbaijan:

  • Address: Third Floor of Medical Plaza Hospital, 54 Rashid Behbudov Street, Baku, 1014, Azerbaijan
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