Cavendish College was established in London in 1985 and as the organisation grew internationally, the brand Cavendish was developed to cover the evolving and expanding activities around the world. Although all partners are separate legal entities with full independence, they all share a simple philosophy which the founders of Cavendish set in the first place. The Cavendish founding members were a group of students in London in the early eighties who were enjoying the best of education the world could offer. David Game, an Oxford graduate, who had already started a tutorial college in the seventies, was the catalyst who brought these young educationalists together – and Cavendish was born. Since 1985 many centres have been established and few of them are listed below.

Our Partners:

Cavendish International Azerbaijan

Cavendish Azerbaijan LogoCavendish International’s courses are pro-active, entrepreneurial, and at the cutting edge of modern practices. They prepare students for competition in the global world of the future; a future that requires practitioners who have the skills and knowledge to make a business grow. A wide range of courses is available for students of all levels in the following fields: Communications, Design, Business studies, and Languages.

Pedal Academy

Pedal academy was e established with the aim of improving the level of music education and adapting it to international standards.The academy’s high standards in education for children and adults have resulted in cooperation with Cavendish College, England, which is a source of pride for this academy. Currently, the pedal academy is an Approved Exam centre of Cavendish College London.

SODA – School of Digital Advertising

SODA LOGOThe School of Digital Advertising was founded by Joy Nandy, the former International Director of Cavendish College London, who was also instrumental in the creation of the online education delivery portal,, in the 90’s. Prior to that, Joy started and successfully ran a full-fledged advertising agency in Malaysia.

Paya Educational Institute

Paya logoPaya educational institute has been a Cavendish Approved Training Centre since 1998. PAYA institute endeavours to raise the scientific level of all those interested, by carrying out various courses pertaining to arts in conformity with the standards of Cavendish International.

FAD International (IN)

FAD InternationalTo think independently, to experiment endlessly and to create fearlessly… The FAD philosophy is to “Inspire Individuality”. Individuality in thought, Individuality in actions, Individuality in Style, and Individuality in Identity… Art & Design is about expressing oneself and FAD provides the environment – the environment that inspires an individual to think experiment and create.

Cavendish University Uganda

Cavendish university Uganda LogoCavendish University Uganda in partnership with Cavendish College London (LIEF) has been registered in Uganda under the Education Act, CAP136, of the Laws of Uganda for the purpose of providing ‘university Education’. This means it is a recognized private education university. All our courses lead to qualifications that are internationally recognised.

Cavendish University Zambia

Cavendish University Zambia LogoCUZ was registered in Zambia under the Education Act, for the purpose of providing ‘University Education’. This accreditation indicates that the institution has satisfied the Ministry of Education in respect of its premises; its general organization, the control and supervision exercised over both students and staff; the quality of its teaching and supporting services, including the suitability of courses for the needs of its students; the welfare of its students; and its legal and financial viability.

digitPro (UK)

digitPro LogoDigitPro is a team of digital professionals, dedicated on assisting executives, freelancers, educators, artists and small to medium business owners succeed through the effective use of digital marketing and digital production.


FiveSix logoFiveSix is a design team & fashion marketers working to bring the best and most stylish fashion apparel at an affordable price to fashion enthusiasm. We work with companies to design their products, advertise them, and create the best possible experience for the customer.