The Education and training business all over the world follows a very similar development pattern. The demand for better quality education and training is now higher than ever. This is a fact that applies internationally irrespective of how advanced the countries are. To capture this potential companies have to identify the key demands in their markets and be quick off the mark to develop these products and bring them to market. Our Business Development team is your key partner to assist you to turn these opportunities into reality in a realistic time frame with a well-trained team and effective international partners. Our services include;

  • Market Analysis, Planning, Portfolio Management, Revenue Streams, Cost Structuring, Value Proposition and Key Activities.
  • Definition and rationalisation of the product and service portfolio, value creation propositions and turn-key solutions.
  • Developing costing and pricing strategies and services.
  • Providing strategic direction to the business development and implementation.

Benefits of monitoring change in higher education

Our change programmes help Higher Education institutions and private consultants including those who provide and receive ‘one on one’ services to individuals and groups:

  • enhance the teaching and learning experiences
  • adopt relationship based ‘bespoke solutions’ and exchange of knowledge and ideas
  • appreciate the art of preparing, planning, implementing sustainable change
  • engage highly educated, knowledgeable and experienced industry experts familiar with education leadership and change
  • ensure support is available and at hand for institutional partners

Change consultancy

Cavendish International offers tailored services to help you, the owner, your institution, faculty or department lead and/or facilitate change.

We can provide:

  • change coaching and mentoring
  • tailored management development and academic workshops
  • bespoke change programmes that are focused on your unique positioning in the market space
  • relationship management and nurturing

Bespoke internal change programmes

We can work with your institution, faculty or department to design and facilitate a bespoke internal change programme. This would typically involve a series of interconnected events over a defined period of time.  It can be tailored for one team or multiple teams, involving staff and/or students. Such a programme can be designed to help in the preparation, planning and/or implementation of effective, sustainable change towards desired regulatory compliance. In higher and further education, the emphasize is on ‘regulatory compliance’ that promotes and ensures success.