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The 21st Century comes with new challenges in regard to past decades. Shaped by mass media, new technologies of information and communication, ideological reconfigurations, permanent political organization reforms and diversified productive systems, today’s society is taking paths that have never been explored before. Education, historically and as a subject on its own, is at the core of the changes; it is not, however, always able to keep up to the rest of the world’s rapidly changing pace.

In this section, we’ll share tips and articles  on how to improve your training effectiveness.

In today’s society, particular attention is paid to the way we can guarantee access to meaningful education and information. Considering what has afore been mentioned, and in response to the concern of imparting knowledge to those who need it most, deep changes in the methodologies, the times, the places, the policies and the technologies involved are in demand. It is necessary to widely discuss and transform the practices concerning topics such as curricula design, educational policy making, management and democratization, as well as permanent lifelong learning, educational practices shifting from teaching to learning, and the impact and usage of new technologies. Of utmost importance, however, are those educational models that will allow us to provide for the bettering of mankind.

You may have devoted countless hours to fine tuning your teaching/training strategy and rolling out your new courses, but is it really serving your performance goals and objectives? One of the many benefits of Cavendish QA system is that it allows you to collect valuable feedback about your courses virtues and vices before it is too late.

The Educators online support

Cavendish’ teaching zone allows you to have your own classroom with full control over content and participation. Use it as your teaching support facility, or to run your own courses, it is your choice.

Today most of us working in the education and training industry are asked by our employers to use some form of web-based teaching facility, from simple file sharing systems to full online delivery. Naturally we all must acquire new skills and develop better structured teaching material as such systems demand.

For these who must deliver the content i.e., teachers, instructors, lecturers, trainers, this may create more work, but this extra effort is more than offset by the benefits that will accrue. The extra work cannot be avoided and must be accepted as part of the job. We will leave it to your employers to convince you how this extra workload will be of benefit.

We have no doubt that future advances in this technology will bring immense benefit to learners and educational institutions, and we are all for it.

The Cavendish membership does not create any obligation on your part, we do not list you on this site and your course or virtual classroom will not be displayed anywhere without your permission.

Join us and enjoy the freedom. The Educators listed on this site are colleagues which we work with. We hope you will apply to join them.