Welcome To Cavendish International:

Cavendish International Education Ltd has more than 37 years of experience in managing, delivering, and supporting quality private higher and further education, setting up colleges and universities in the UK, India, Iran, Zambia, Uganda, Kyrgyzstan…. CIE (UK) is committed to excellent management, learning and teaching across the higher and further education sector and over the years it has participated in variety of projects and supporting the education and development of tens of thousands of individuals. It has assisted and worked with number of education providers to extend their courses, expand their markets, and implement robust quality assurance systems.

Background: Cavendish College was established in London in 1985 and as the organisation grew internationally, the brand Cavendish was developed to cover the evolving and expanding activities around the world. Although all partners are separate legal entities with full independence, they all share a simple philosophy which the founders of Cavendish set in the first place;

To Provide:

 Quality Education @ Affordable Price.

Who Is Cavendish International?

Siamak Taslimi“We can deliver on projects, our track record is a testimony to our dedication and belief. Ask yourself! Can you find a better partner?”

Siamak Taslimi, MSc BSc ARSM
CEO Cavendish International Ltd & Master Professional – Member of European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK

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