The Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine at Cavendish College is a scientific center with faculties in various fields. It seeks to develop and expand the scientific knowledge in this field for the improvement of human health. It also aims to improve academics’ and professionals’ knowledge and scientific techniques.

1. Developing specialised and applied knowledge of both academicians and professionals in the field of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.
2. Increasing each member’s scientific and practical skills in various branches of Traditional and Complementary Medicine.
3. Increasing practicing members’ productivity while improving performance.
4. Society wellbeing and health in general.

The ultimate goal at the Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TCM) is providing outstanding general and specialised education in various branches of Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TCM) and related fields so that the students would be able to increase their scientific and applied knowledge, as well as updating, upgrading, and transferring knowledge to a wider audience. Considering the above, TCM department designs and implements programs at every level of education with certain expertise and practical ways, i.e. online, in-class, and supplementary training for every level and skill. The Department target is to institutionalise and expand a culture based on talent, knowledge, skills, and professionalism amidst its members and communities. The department programs promote a highly ethical approach in the field.
The primary objective of TCM is to train and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of human resources required on the field. However, it also supports research and development on indigenous knowledge, medicinal plants, agriculture, and related processing services. It also conducts Traditional and Complementary Medicinal approach research on various areas of health and wellbeing demands in domestic, regional and international markets.
The members studying with us will be able to learn, utilize, and develop their scientific and practical knowledge in Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TCM) to top levels, knowing that this will facilitate practicing, job stability, job mobility, increasing Start-ups success rate, entrepreneurship, partnership, and last but not least, their own moral and material satisfaction!

– Quantitative and qualitative improvement and development of theoretical/practical training and education in the field of Traditional and Complementary Medicine, based on the latest and the most up-to-date scientific research available and the skills found in traditional and complementary medicine branches through utilizing the international experts’ capabilities in different countries.
– Designing and delivering more scientific and professional courses in various related fields.
– Continuous assessment of training needs, planning, and organizing.
– Global scientific and educational cooperation with universities.
– Introducing and directing graduates to scientific and practical fields.
– Conducting scientific and practical examinations, receiving scientific qualifications, and providing equivalences where possible.
– Providing highest levels of academic certificates in relevant occupational fields to some countries.
– Providing the possibility of combining skills and supplementary education and training to fill in the gaps between different educational levels and equating them with official TCM studies.
– The examination center objective at TCM department is to improve the scientific and practical skills of both learners and graduates. The aim is to apply the latest international standards in line with development of specialised and applied knowledge in various fields of traditional and complementary medicine and related sciences.
– Establishing education centres and offering consulting services to anyone interested in TMC and related sciences through our expert scientific teams in different countries.

TCM Department Organisation
• Board of Trustees of the Department of Traditional and Complementary Medicines (TCM)
• Deputy and Administration positions: Financial / Education / Examination / International Affairs and Public Relations / Faculty / Skills Committees
• Complementary Medicines Committee: Chinese Medicine TCM / Traditional Iranian Medicine TPM / Islamic Medicine TIM / Herbal Medicine THM / Ayurvedic Medicine TAM / Greek Medicine TYM / Sujok Medicine / Energy Healing Techniques / Internal Medicine

Department of traditional and complementary medicine
Cavendish International Education, UK