Siamak TaslimiCEO of Cavendish International

E-learning technology and course development currently occupies most of my time. This department was formed as a technology hub for the group, and we are expanding its service provision to a wider audience. Teaching, mentoring, and coaching is where my passion rest and it has always been part and parcel of my work.

Siamak Taslimi MSc BSc ARSM
Master Professional – Member European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK

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I am the director and one of the founding members of Cavendish College established in 1984. In my 39 years with the company, I have undertaken many different roles and projects. My core responsibility is to oversee the international development and working with our partners around the world.

I have been a lecturer for over 30 years. In the earlier years, my main speciality was science subjects and over the years this was further expanded into business and economic subjects.

In the early nineties I was appointed marketing director, and by 2000 I took over the directorship of Cavendish International Development. Since then we have launched Cavendish University Zambia, Cavendish University Uganda, Cavendish International (Armenia), Cavendish Cardan (Tehran), FAD Academy (Pune/India), Cavendish Bishkek and Cavendish Azerbaijan.

My work as a consultant in projects beyond educational fields such as project appraisals, engineering, Oil & Gas, and international contracts, affords me great opportunity to keep up to date with the professional world. I am a keen entrepreneur looking for new possibilities, forging new relationships and taking up new challenges.


After finishing my high school (Alborz -Tehran) in 1977, I started a degree in International Management (IMS, a school operated by ESCP Paris). Thereafter in 1984 I completed a degree in Petroleum Engineering at Imperial College. I returned to management studies at the Henley Management College and completed my masters followed by four years of PhD research work in Artificial Intelligence specialising in Knowledge Engineering at Brunel University. Although my student years did come to an end in 1990 my desire to learn has never gone away, as with any academic, and now my work with EdTech has open a new and very exciting field in the eLearning technology.