It’s common sense to think that people with high IQs get better results and achieve more than people with lower IQs.

While you may think so, this is actually not quite due to their brain power. Indeed, their activeness is not in direct relation with their IQ level.

Geniuses have three habits that everyone can can mimic to get incredible results. And just by following these rather simple habits, you can get things done genius-style.

1- They take action.

Yes, geniuses are as lazy as anyone else. But what really differentiates them from the rest of us is that they don’t postpone or hesitate when they have something to get done. Most of the time, hesitation comes with low self-esteem issues, when we think we are no good enough to get the job done. We are much too afraid to face the situation, and the task gets postponed again and again.

Geniuses are not afraid. They take action with no inhibition whatsoever. 

2- They don’t overthink. 

This is very counterintuitive at first sight, considering geniuses are loaded with so much brainpower. Most of the time, once they take action, they have this ability to go with the flow and move forward with their project. It’s like they lock themselves in a sort of bubble where there is no room for “yes, but” or “what if…”. Geniuses don’t question themselves too much.

Rather than producing “air” and empty thinking, they constantly deliver.

3- They are not perfectionists.

After all, perfectionism also comes with self-doubts. When we are too much of a perfectionist, we can’t stop from thinking that the work we have just completed is not good enough according to other people’s standard. But most of the time, this is untrue; other people’s expectations are usually way lower than we think.

Good enough” really is good enough, most of the time, especially for geniuses.

General George Patton has a famous quote that goes like this: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”

Take action, don’t over-think, and don’t be a perfectionist. And you will instantly get better results with your projects, whether personal or professional.

Extracts from article by  Antonio Martiano

Posted by:Antoine Martiano