Course Description:

Clastic Sequence Stratigraphic Techniques: Applications to Reservoir Studies

Duration: 5 days

Presenter: Dr Gary Hampson (Imperial College London)

Prerequisites: Experience of evaluation of oil and gas reservoirs and some familiarity with basic log analysis, correlation, and log identification of lithologies.

Aims: To present the latest techniques in the study of clastics as oil and gas reservoir systems in terms of depositional controls on facies geometries and architecture on both a macro- and micro- scale and diagenesis and their influence on reservoir properties.

Who should attend?  Geoscientists working on reservoir modelling and characterisation.

Learning Outcomes: The course demonstrates the impact of sedimentological factors on clastic reservoir distribution and character as well as the use of facies models and sequence stratigraphy in the interpretation of subsurface datasets (seismic, well log and core).