Course Description:

Advertising Fundamentals: The Advertising course is designed to examine the nature of advertising and its changing role within society. The course will discuss advertising objectives in both profit and not-for-profit organisations. It will look at how advertising is used to promote products and services, assist branding, positioning, pricing, and distribution.

This course will show how advertising persuades customers to buy and the role of advertising in an integrated marketing communications mix. It will describe segmentation and targeting, and the use of advertising research. Finally, the course will explain the use of international advertising companies and examine how advertising can be evaluated.

  • Award: Cavendish International Certificate
  • Level: 3
  • Credit: 4

Topics include:

1-The Advertising Business

  • The history of advertising and the development of advertising as a business.
  • The current advertising scene, attitudes to advertising and the economic and social role of advertising.
  • What advertising does, the limitations of advertising, the many categories of advertising, advertising, and marketing.
  • The role of advertising, the need for planning; advertising strategy, implementing the strategy, and deciding on advertising budgets.

2-Planning advertising campaigns

  • The importance of objectives; advertising in a marketing context, the strength of advertising, promotional strategy, advertising campaign planning, the management of advertising and the role of the advertiser.
  • The role of advertising agencies, how advertising agencies operate, choosing an agency, how advertising agencies get paid and working effectively with an agency.
  • Ad copy and how to write an effective ad copy?

3-Advertising Media

  • Where advertising appears, the importance of the medium, media selecting, advertising media compared, the ownership and management of the media, how advertising is sold, how advertising is bought.
  • Advertising and below-the-line promotion, above-and-below-the-line, direct mail, exhibitions, sales promotion, sales literature, merchandising and point-of-sale material, public relations, sponsorship, and the promotional mix.