Course Description:

Why grow vegetables organically?

  • Work with the environment – organic vegetables are healthier to grow
  • Healthier for the consumer – naturally gown, no nasty chemicals so they are healthier to eat and they encourage a sustainable environment
  • Organically grown vegetables can command higher prices than those produced by regular intensive crop production.
  • Explore the possibilities for an exciting, environmentally friendly, and financially rewarding way of earning a living.

Course structure

The course comprises 12 lessons as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Cultivation and Planting
  3. Soils and Nutrition
  4. Soil Management
  5. Review of Major Vegetable Varieties
  6. Pests and Disease
  7. Seed
  8. Greenhouse Growing
  9. Lesser Grown Varieties and Herbs
  10. Irrigation
  11. Mulching
  12. Harvesting and Marketing