The right machinery (Farming equipment)

For many starting out on small plots, farming equipment like tractors, harvesters, machinery and other farm equipment that may be needed are expensive and often too big for the job in hand. These lightweight, affordable and open-source farming tools will become a part of the growing revolution that is taking place across the globe.

  • Market Gardening Tools
  • Sillage Tarps
  • Broadfork
  • Quick Cut Greens Harvester
  • Greenhouses & Tunnels
  • Two-Wheel Tractor
  • Wheeled Hoes
  • Hoes
  • Seeders
  • Tilther
  • Bed Preparation Rake
  • Rain gear
  • Harvest & Washing Shed Equipment
  • Recommended Reading
  • Crop Planning
  • Indoor Seedling Equipment
  • Seeds
  • Irrigation Equipment
  • Cold Room
  • Deer Fence
  • Backpack Sprayer

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A comprehensive tour of Curtis Stone urban farming in 2017. He has a small but very productive urban farmer. You can see how he turn over $100K on a quarter acre. To follow him, Subscribe: Urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) expands the economic base of the city through production, processing, packaging, and marketing of consumable products. This results in an increase in entrepreneurial activities and the creation of jobs, as well as reducing food costs and improving quality.

The benefits that UPA brings along to cities that implement this practice are numerous. The transformation of cities from only consumers of food to generators of agricultural products contributes to sustainability, improved health, and poverty alleviation.

  • UPA assists to close the open loop system in urban areas characterized by the importation of food from rural zones and the exportation of waste to regions outside the city or town.
  • Wastewater and organic solid waste can be transformed into resources for growing agriculture products: the former can be used for irrigation, the latter as fertilizer.

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