Course Title: Project Management
Course Available: October 2012
Exam Number: PMP101-5-3


The purpose of this course is to provide learners with an opportunity to develop a project in which they plan and implement a new product, service or process.

You will be encouraged to take a full and active role in all aspects of the project and the selection of an appropriate management issue is crucial to success. You will cover a full range of management activities and roles including resource and people management and implementation of change


This course will provide you with an opportunity to develop your project management and research skills by developing a project where you plan and implement a new product, service or process.

Topics include:

1-Developing a project specification

The first step will be to analyse the factors that contribute to the process of project selection, next we can develop outline project specifications for an agreed project to implement a new product, service or process.

2-Plan for the implementation of a project

We will produce a project plan for an agreed project, match appropriate resources and costs to the project, agree a timescale and plan an appropriate strategy for the implementation of the project.

3-Project implementation

This involves the implementation of a project, developing appropriate measures to monitor and evaluate progress and outcomes.

4-Project evaluation the outcomes of a project

Finally. We will analyse the outcomes of a project in terms of the original project specification and make justified recommendations for improvements to the project by way of a presentation and report.

Speaker: Juan David Zuliani
Content: Video, Notes, Articles, and Assignments
Duration: 45 hours
Level: 5
Credit: 3