We have a new course in Recruitment and Selection, it is designed for those working in HR industry in UK and have to comply with the UK law.

This Recruitment and Selection course describes in detail the process HR professionals and managers go through as they define and prepare job specifications and selection process. This course outlines the processes involved in the planning and conducting of professional interviews, plus the vetting and the selection process, with a close look at the laws and regulations related to the employment industry.

Key Topics: 

  • Introduction to Human Resource Planning
  • Recruitment procedure
  • Selection criteria
  • Employee vetting and documentation
  • Job offers procedure
  • Contact of employment
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Dismissal and termination of the contract
  • Employment Legislation
  • Content: Video, Notes, Articles, and Assignments
Duration: 60 hours
Level: 4
Credit: 3
Price: £175.00