Course Title: Negotiation
Course Available: October 2012
Exam Number: NEG101-4-3


The purpose of this course is to educate you on the key aspects of effective negotiation in order to make you an effective negotiator. The aim is to help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations through effective negotiation.

In this course you will learn to develop your negotiation skills and to negotiate confidently. You will also understand how to go about planning, conducting and executing your negotiation in a systematic manner than in an unplanned fashion. If you are new to negotiation, you will learn the fundamentals of negotiation; if you have experience in negotiation, you will be able to brush up and further develop your negotiation skills.


Negotiation underpins the interactions of almost everyone whether in groups or organizations. The course will provide you to understand the intricacies of negotiation and develop negotiation skills in order to negotiate effectively. In this course you will understand and learn how to negotiate skillfully thereby achieving your goals and objectives.

Topics Include:

1-Understanding different approaches to negotiation

  • Understand the tactics employed between ‘distributive’ and ‘integrative’ negotiation
  • Know the motives between the two approaches
  • The appropriateness of ‘distributive’ and ‘integrative’ negotiations

2-Negotiation process

  • Learn the five steps process in negotiation
  • Develop knowledge to construct your negotiation strategy

3-Common mistakes in negotiation

  • Learn how effective negotiators avoid common mistakes

4-Cultural differences in negotiation

  • The role of culture in negotiation
Speaker: Kavin Kanagasabai
Content: Video, Notes, Articles, and Assignments
Duration: 45 hours
Level: 4
Credit: 3