Whether you’re thinking of small scale fish farm or a large commercial fish business, the following are the basic equipment you’ll need to start your own fish farming business;

  1. Fish Pond. This could be concrete, earthen or tank of different sizes (depending on the quantity of fish you want to farm)
  2. Good Water. Though water could be a free gift of nature, you may have to spend money to dig a bore hole. There’s what we call “water quality” in fish business and it simply means you must have a good and reliable water for your fish
  3. Fish Feed. Your fish will eat different kinds of feed at different stages of their lives.
  4. Fish Net. This is used for harvesting fish.
  5. Labour. You may not need labour if you’re starting a small scale fish farm but you’ll need some labour if you’re going on a large commercial scale.
  6. Weight, Bows etc.

You can do the pricing of any of the above or contact our team for help

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