The Beginning:

It’s so tempting early on to chase after every interesting idea and business opportunity. Learning to say “no” or at least “not yet” is paramount to every entrepreneur’s success. Focus on what’s most important.

Get Your Mind-set Right:

Your mind-set is your key driver  in business: the risks you take, opportunities you pursue, challenges to tackle, confidence level and vision. It is natural to have doubts and fears at the start of any venture, but a clear mind-set (Vision, Mission, Objective and Plan) will help you to get through this period.  

Create Value:

Purchase decisions almost always come down to value — customers must realize a benefit from working with your business. That can mean a multitude of things, such as cost savings, convenience, reliability, increased quality, etc. Effectively providing value is integral to the long-term success of your company; not only does it assist in retaining your current customers, but also provides the highest-quality referrals you can ask for when attempting to gain new business.

Identify Your Market Target

Being ourselves and working with companies who share our beliefs is everything. We believe design makes a difference and we look to work with companies who agree. We also work with companies who know the people inside the building are what counts. Working with companies with soul has been the key to our success.
Serve Your Customers

By providing your product or service in a fast, convenient, and friendly way, you’ll establish your business as one built for the long term. Any unsatisfied customers should be compensated to ensure they’ll still consider you for future business. Happy customers are everything.

Finally, To Succeed in Business:

Focus is the single most important factor in determining your success as a business leader.

  • Focus means understanding what your priorities are in any given hour, day, month, quarter or year.

  • Focus means knowing what’s most important – product, service, hiring, fundraising, sales or innovation, and then concentrating on that one thing.

  • Focus means knowing what’s not as important in any given time period.

  • Without focus, it’s easy to wander – it’s easy to become reactive instead of proactive – it’s easy to fail.

  • With focus and determination, you and your team will understand what’s most important, and help you execute – to success.

So that unlike that 70% (failure rate in new start ups), you can beat the odds and maintain a successful business over time.