Everyone can help to reduce pollution in our towns and cities. To stop pollution just make an effort to act upon as many as the items on the following list.

Sustainable Transportation:

  1. Walk or ride your bike whenever possible.
  2. Use public transportation.
  3. Consolidate your trips
  4. Carpool to school or work.
  5. Get regular maintenance on your vehicle.
  6. Consider purchasing a hybrid or electric car for your next vehicle.
  7. Drive safely.
  • Applying gentle pressure to gas and accelerating slowly
  • Driving at or below the speed limit
  • Keeping your speed steady (Try using cruise control, if you have it.)
  • Giving yourself plenty of time to stop

Making Sustainable Food Choices

  1. Choose local food whenever possible.
  2. Reduce your consumption of animal products.
  3. Choose organically grown fruits and vegetables.
  4. Grow your own fruits and vegetables.

Making Sustainable Energy Choices

  1. Turn off lights and electronics when you are not in the room.
  2. Look for small changes that can lead to big energy savings.
  3. Keep your thermostat set to (25C) in warmer months and (20C) in the colder months.
  4. Make sure your windows and air ducts are well-sealed.
  5. Look into your Community Choice Energy options.
  6. See if fuel switching is an option for you.

Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

  1. Buy used items whenever possible.
  2. Buy reusable items.
  3. Choose items with minimal packaging.
  4. Recycle everything that you can.
  5. Purchase items made from recycled materials.

Keeping Chemicals Out of the Water Supply

  1. Use fewer and environmentally friendly chemicals.
  2. Don’t use pesticides and herbicides.
  3. Don’t flush medication.
  4. Dispose of toxic waste properly.
  5. Conserve water.

Getting Involved and Educating Others

  1. Learn about the major polluters in your area.
  2. Tell people about what you know.
  3. Write an article for your school or local newspaper.
  4. Protest local polluters.
  5. Join an environmental group.

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