Learner Management System

Leaner ManagementThe Educators EFL – Learner management system gives every EFL teacher the ability to manage all their students (classroom based, private tuition, video conferencing), irrespective of their level of English in one virtual room. The room is equipped with both interim/progress quizzes and exam for determining the learner’s overall English Language level.

The key features of learner management system:

  1. Managing your students progress.
  2. Use the discussion forum as a teaching tool, encouraging peer to peer activities.
  3. Communicate with your students via email, calendar, chat room , etc …
  4. Grouping your learners.
  5. Building your network of learners.
  6. Build content for your course (Next step)
  7. Develop your own business

The Educators uses Moodle Virtual Learning Management system for its learner management system. If you are familiar with Moodle , you can go ahead and apply for EFL-Room . If you are not familiar with Moodle, we have developed a special training course for you, it is quick and efficient. Managing EFL Students online course is delivered in two stages, stage one is an online course about using Moodle key features required for this programme, and stage two is about giving a hands on experience.  You will be given a teaching role in a room (similar to EFL Room) with a small group of your students.

Next Step:

For those who want to go further and develop their own online course, The Educators is your keen partner. We have all the training you need to  convert your course to a vibrant teaching environment. (Click here for prices)

The Educators runs number of international development projects, which include free training and virtual room. Just fill the form below for further information.