Kavin S. Kanagasabai, MBA, M.Phil, MA, is a Lecturer at Cavendish College. He lectures an array of management subjects including Change Management, Leadership, Professional Development, and Organisational Behaviour. He has wide industry experience in sectors as varied as Health, Banking, Finance, and Retail. He had spent a year in Milan, Italy developing the business of a medium-sized wholesale supplier of flooring materials where he is currently involved as a Business Development Consultant.

During his working tenure, Kavin has developed vital skills and expertise as a Marketing Consultant, Financial Consultant and in advisory roles. Currently, he specialises in the soft side of management stressing on the role of leadership and people development in organisations.

He holds first class degrees in B.A (Philosophy), M.A (Philosophy and Politics), M.Phil (Epistemology and Metaphysics), and MBA. Kavin widely reads on Leadership, Change Management, Organisational Behaviour, Philosophy and Psychology. He has enrolled on NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner course in order to expand his practical knowledge and skills in dealing with people effectively and to develop and coach managers, professionals and anyone seeking personal and professional development. He believes NLP can synergistically help in the areas of Organisational Behaviour, Professional Development, Change Management and Leadership in which he specialises.

Besides his academic and consultancy roles, Kavin spends his time in writing. He has two publications to his name: The World Matters and Leading Your Organization. These two books are quite distinct in their subject-matter – one on global political and economic issues and the other on organisational issues facing organisations today ranging from leadership, change management, motivation to customer leadership. He is currently writing a book series on Personality Development.