Persians and Greeks, after 2000 years are humiliated into defeat and loss of their sovereignty.

‘Crucified’ Tsipras capitulates to draconian measures after 17 hours of late night talks: as it happened. “Telegraph”

Greeks forced to concede to toughest measures ever imposed on Eurozone economy in return avoiding total collapse of her economy.

‘Forced’ Iranian negotiators conceded to extreme and intrusive terms after 12 years of negotiation.

Iran, which wants crippling international sanctions lifted, conceded to an extreme and intrusive agreement.

I am do not know if these two agreements will either make the Euro more strong, or make the world a safer place, but I am sure nothing good will come out of humiliating nations. Thousand of years ago when the Europe was occupied by savages, Greeks were talking about “Democracy”, and Cyrus gave his subject the rights to language, religion, and freedom from slavery.

2500 years later it seems we have not learn much!


Persian Empire circa 500BCE