Job Purpose of Group Internet Marketing Executive 

To establish and maintain web sites on first page position of major search engines and maximise the marketing potential of web sites.

Internet Marketing Executive

Group Internet Marketing Executive Duties and Responsibilities: 

  • Research and identify potential web sites for web links
  • Evaluate relevance to the company and recommend tactical links
  • Communicate effectively with target web managers of potential link web sites in order to identify motivating factors that will gain their agreement to establish web links
  • Gain commitment and action to link to target web sites
  • Monitor and manage web like to ensure effective operation
  • Review and recommend tactical action to maintain web links and relationships
  • Develop strategies to expand web link opportunities
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Establish and maintain web sites on first page position of major UK search engines
  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive knowledge of current criteria utilised by search engines to evaluate and position web sites
  • Identify and recommend tactical action to address changes in criteria utilised by search engines to evaluate and position web sites
  • Recommend improvements and alterations to web sites in order to make them accessible to search engines
  • Advise and manage future web site development in order to ensure search engine optimisation
  • Maintain and be able to effectively demonstrate a comprehensive and current knowledge of web site and development issues
  • Advise and recommend cost effective methods of web site/search engine optimisation
  • Advise and recommend strategy for ad word, banner advert and pay per click bidding
  • Review, amend and advise use of Key Words
  • Achieve a pass rate at Google web site management examination
  • Maintain a current and accurate knowledge of competitor web sites and search engine optimisation strategies
  • Keep abreast of competitor activity and recommend any necessary tactical action
  • Learn and maintain a working knowledge of the IT software and systems employed throughout
  • Provide assistance and support to Employees regarding IT software
  • Maintain an accurate and current client database and database management system

  • Identify and recommend developments to ensure effective management of IT and database systems
  • Be able to demonstrate a full knowledge of products and services
  • Provide a weekly schedule of planned activities
  • Achieve sales activities within specified time-scales as directed by Sales & Marketing Director
  • Plan personal diary to make effective use of working day
  • Provide time-phase qualified reports on achievement and activities.
  • Maintain high standard of personal presentation
  • Understand fully and communicate corporate objectives of the clients
  • Represent in a professional manner at all times
  • Liaise with other members of the Sales Team to actively promote sales opportunities, exchange information and increase professionalism
  • Undertake all responsibilities with reference to procedures
  • Ensure safe working area and work procedures in line with Company policy
  • Undertake any reasonable duties as specified by Managing Directors/Chairman/Group Sales and Marketing Director

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