ELearning Technology ServiceseLearning Technology Services: The use of new eLearning technologies in classrooms can be traced to the nineteen forties, but the speed of this integration has become exponential in the twenty first century due to three main factors. First is the availability of hardware at affordable prices both to the learners and teaching institutions. The second factor is the development in the telecommunication network and the opportunities that World Wide Web (WWW) has created. And finally the third factor is the ever-growing volume of content, which has become available via www.

Our team in Cavendish is in the forefront of this technology and ready to help you to embrace the latest development. We provide total solution service, from design and training to full implementation and turnkey solutions. Cavendish provides free introductory services to all educators in any field*. We will be happy to advise on any size project from a single virtual classroom to fully functioning university campus.

*Subject to terms and condition, visit our site for details.


A traditional e-learning development project can take several months assuming you are already familiar with the technology, if not then you have to add a few more months for research, selection, and learning the new software. These obstacles stop millions of educators to enter this field. These pages are designed to remove these barriers, and show how you can go online and build your courses. Click here to read more

The Cavendish Academy

Visit lms.cavendish.ac where our teaching happens. The Cavendish courses are designed to suit the job market. Each lesson is broken down to a suitable size for people on the move. Our robust online course manager insures the continuity.

We actively encourage the involvement and interest of all educators, and invite you to visit our support program. We hope to be instrumental to encourage more educators to go online and share their professional knowledge.