Effective Presentation

To create an effective presentation, use voice-over narration for your PowerPoint Presentation


The Most Effective Use Of PowerPoint



How to Design an Effective Presentation

PowerPoint 2010 Crash Course

Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 in 60mins. Eight Part Video Course. Topics include creating slides, working with layouts, changing your presentations background design, adding text and images and setting up tables of information and conclude with showing you how to setup slide transitions and animation effects. 

How To Make a Video 


  • 1- Always do a test run, do a sound check, make sure the lighting is adequate, pay attention to the background (see whats behind you).
  • 2- Turn your cellphone off, let others know you are recording, keep the back ground noise level down.
  • 3- Have a basic script (key notes) it is a good idea to do a dry run.
  • 4- I do not recommend direct recording with YouTube, better to use your local video grabber software (You can use the Quicktime free download)
  • 5- Try to have a clean start and finish to your video, this will reduce the need for extra editing work (as you click the start button, start your talk, and when you finish your talk press the stop)
  • 6- Avoid long recordings, split your talk to smaller independent sections and put them together in the editor.

To Use Youtube Video Editor Click here.

  • Once you have done all your video clips, make sure all are uploaded to your Youtube channel. Now you can start the editing.
  • Drag and Drop the clips from the upper box to the lower box, you can transitions between clips.
  • There is a limited titeling facilities.
  • View it, once you are happy you can upload it.