Dr John CosgroveDr John Cosgrove is professor in Structural Geology in the Department of Earth Sciences and Engineering, Royal School of Mines, Imperial College. He obtained an MSc in Structural Geology & Rock Mechanics and a PhD from Imperial College in 1972. He spent 2 years on a Post-doctoral Fellowship at MacMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada before returning in 1973 to Imperial College to take up a lectureship.

Present research interests relate to the interplay between Stress fractures and fluid flow in the crust. This has involved the study of the dewatering of basins and the impact of the resulting fluids on mineralization and hydrocarbon migration & concentration. The work has involved a study of the geological expression of hydraulic fracturing and the manner in which fracture sets are generated and superimposed to produce fracture network. Work has also been carried out on the generation of fracture induced permeability and the factors that control the permeability of fracture networks particularly the regional stress and the fracture length & orientation. He has published extensively and is joint author with Neville Price of a text book ‘Analysis of Geological structures.

He has been involved in consulting for over 20 years in the fields of hydrocarbon exploration, storage of nuclear waste and mining.


  • Structural geology & tectonics, Relevant to fracturing and hydrocarbon migration into and within reservoirs (The link between stress, fracturing and fluid flow in the crust)