Customer Service Manager Job Description and Profile: The Customer Service Manager is a highly focused and responsible position. The main aim is to provide fantabulous customer service. It will be the responsibility of a customer service manager to ensure that the organisation understands and satisfies its customer’s requirements.  There are a number of duties and responsibilities which have to be fulfilled such as developing customer service policies and procedure. A Customer service manager’s main aim is to provide fantabulous customer service.

Duties and Responsibilities

There are the following duties and responsibilities which a customer service manager has to fulfil:

  • A customer service manager has to solve and investigate customer’s long-standing or complex problems.
  • It will be necessary to communicate politely with customers by email, letter, face to face, and telephone and other equipment.
  • He or she has to handle entire major incidents related to customers like customer ill health problem or a security issue.
  • He or she has the duty to visit the customers for the provision of one-to-one service.
  • It will be the responsibility to develop complaints or feedback procedures for the use of customers.
  • It will be the duty to maintain the records properly of issuing compensations or refunds to customers.
  • It will be needed to supervise the customer service teams to learn about the products or services of the organization.
  • He or she needs to follow up-to-date with modifications.
  • It will be the responsibility to provide required training to the staff or employees to deliver excellent customer service.
  • It will be needed to develop the customer service standards, policies and procedures for the organization or department.
  • He or she has the duty to be updated and upgraded with the developments and changes in customer service field.
  • He or she has to read pertinent journals, attending meetings and courses to be aware of the latest things.
  • He or she has to analyse the data or statistics to identify the customer service level, the organization is providing.

Skills and Specifications

  • The required skills and specifications of a person desiring to be a customer service manager as follows:
  • The person needs to be polite and should have the confidence and patience.
  • The other skills required in a person are the motivational, listening, and problem-solving skills.
  • He or she should have the ability to produce creative ideas to ameliorate customer service standards.
  • It will be needed to ameliorate customer service skills.
  • The person should be able to supervise the teams perfectly.
  • He or she should have the ability to work under tight deadlines and strict situations.

Education and Qualifications

  • The basic Degree required fro the job is a degree in Consumer studies, Business studies, or Management studies related field from an accredited institution.
  • The other requirement is having some past working experience in customer service management related activities.

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