Alan Taylor, Born in the “Home Counties” outside London, Alan completed his formal education at the London School of Economics. He then had the opportunity to commence his business career by working in the media for a national newspaper group. This was with Beaverbrook Newspapers, working primarily on The Sunday Express.

In due course, he moved on to join Reed-Elsevier which, at that time, was the largest magazine publishing company in the world. During this time, he continued with his studies and gained both the C.I.M. and C.A.M. qualifications. Subsequently, he moved into the advertising arena, working at both Business-To Consumer and Business-To-Business advertising agencies. Eventually, Alan was approached by one of his clients and was offered the opportunity to work for that organisation, which he accepted. This company was called Bounty Services and was one of the largest Private Companies in the U.K.

In his time with this company the various roles that he was engaged in included Marketing, International Marketing, Market Research, Publishing, Advertising, Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion. The company operated in numerous territories, including North America, The Middle East, Australasia and Europe. Alan also became an examiner for both C.A.M. and A.Q.A. (A.E.B.) at this time. In due course he left Bounty Services and, together with a partner, set up a Direct Marketing and Sales Promotion business. This was followed by the setting up of another business, involving Management and Marketing Consultancy services, with a different partner. He also commenced lecturing activities at a university and two colleges, based in and around London.

Currently, Alan is involved with another business, which is primarily concerned with environmental issues, in partnership with his son – whilst remaining actively involved in Business Planning and Consultancy services for a number of business clients.

Alan Taylor is a member of, and is actively involved with, two leading organisations which affect and act as sounding-boards for national government in the area of business and the economy. These are the Institute of Directors and the Federation of Small Businesses.

In addition, he is now both an examiner and moderator for the London Chamber of Commerce and for the C.I.M. Alan continues lecturing at universities and colleges across a wide range of Business-related subjects, together with giving talks and conducting seminars on specialist topics. These activities have included a certain amount of international travel.