‘Inventing the Future of Learning’ film lanched

TUESDAY 6th NOVEMBER 2012 ‘TEL STORIES’ CONFERENCE AT THE ROYAL SOCIETYInventing the Future of Learning We are very pleased that the launch of ‘Inventing the Future of Learning’, the film we haveproduced for the Technology Enhanced Learning Research Programme (http://www.tel.ac.uk), was a great success. The whole ‘TEL Stories’ event at The Royal Society on Tuesday 6th November was packed out and buzzing with discussions about the role of technology in education inspired by the 8 TEL projects exhibited at the conference.  Our 17 minute film, made with the director of the TEL programme, Professor Richard Noss, covers several key themes about the potential impact of Artificial Intelligence and computational thinking on education. Contributors to the film include:

Professor Alexandra Poulovassilis
Professor Mitch Resnik
Professor Richard Noss
Charles Clarke
Lord Jim Knight
Lord David Puttnam
Eben Upton
Professor Sir Tim O’Shea
Professor Rose Luckin

The film can be viewed on YouTube here: http://bit.ly/Uwo5bR.  (Make sure you get the full HD experience and change your Quality Settings to 1080p HD).  We are proud of this film and hope it demonstrates Xube’s skills in telling longer, more in depth stories about innovation and research.