Course Description:

We would like to give you a warm welcome to educators community. This induction program is designed to give you all you need to get started without loading you with too much technical jargons. As this induction program is prepared for English language instructors, naturally it includes information and samples relevant to their needs.

This course is designed to provide EFL teachers with a quick course on how to use EFL test course before running their own online EFL course. You are also encouraged to stay on this course and share your experience and raise your question using the EFL Members forum.

1- Communication Facilities

  •  Discussion Forums
  • Calendar
  • Adding an event
  • Chat Room

2- Course Management

  •  How To Enrol Students (Manual Enrolment)
  •  How To Enrol Students (Self Enrolment)
  •  Assessing and evaluating
  • Student view 
  • Finding help
  • Gathering student feedback

3- Language competency (Tests)

  • Business Expressions – Vocabulary – Quiz
  • Homonyms – Vocabulary – Quiz
  • Proficiency Test – Vocabulary – Quiz
  • Listening Test – understanding competitors – Quiz

4- General competency

  •  None verbal reasoning (Numeric) Quiz
  • Verbal reasoning Quiz
  • Homonyms Test