Course Description:

This course is intended to promote a shared understanding of assessment of student learning, as well as provide guidelines for meaningful and effective assessment practices. These Principles are intended as a philosophy to guide how one develops assessment programs using the advanced Moodle assessment design technology.

Course Content

Principles of Test and Assessment Design

  • Guiding Principles for Assessment Page
  • Using Technology to Assess Learning Lesson

Construction of Objective Tests

  • Test Design Stages Page
  • Core principles of effective assessment Page
  • A checklist for quality in student assessment Page
  • Assessment from students’ perspective Page
  • Test Preparation

Using Moodle to Assess Learning

  • Creating Assignments Page
  • Creating quiz Book
  • Quiz FAQ
  • Short answer questions with feedback Quiz
  • Multiple answer test – Adaptive with penalties Quiz
  • Multiple answer test – Deferred Feedback Quiz
  • Multiple answer test – Immediate Feedback with CBM Quiz
  • Multiple answer test – Interactive with multiple tries Quiz
  • Managing Assessments

Assessing and evaluating

  • How to save your practice course
  • Student view
  • Finding help
  • Gathering student feedback

 Enrich your courses with Moodle’s powerful test design technology.

  • Content: Video, Notes, Articles, and Assignments
  • Duration: 60 hours
  • Level: 4
  • Credit:4