Course Description:

Cavendish Teaching English To Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) provides the highest and the most updated materials according to today’s standard and methods in teaching English from the latest studies in the field.

The number of applicants who are interested in taking TESOL programs in their own home country is on rising rapidly. It is unanimously preferred so as to save on the costs of living and traveling abroad.   So long as the price is affordable and they receive a valid and internationally accredited training which will result in a valid certificate, applicants are happy and ready to take on the task.   In this way, they can improve and get promotion in their careers and seek employment opportunities where they please!

Now-a-days, the English academies and language schools around the world choose their teachers more meticulously. Most certificates and diplomas issued in the UK could open many doors of opportunities in both career and continuing education in many countries.

To that end, Cavendish International Education as a accreditation body in the UK with 35 years experience in a variety of educational subjects; including but not limited to:  Teachers training, IT, Accounting, Business, and Marketing and Communication has established its position among excellent standards in education for manpower in the UK and around the world.

Pre-requisites to Obtain an Official Cavendish International TESOL Certificate

Considering the employers and their clients’ needs as well as the increasing number of applicants who prefer to study online/virtual or hybrid programs, those who are interested in teaching English holding a college, or university degree, given that their English Knowledge level is at least IELTS Band 6.5-7or CEFR B2-C1 are eligible to take on Cavendish TESOL program. The applicants who pass the online exams successfully will receive their certificates issued in the UK.

What Can You Do With Cavendish TESOL?

Teaching Academic, Commercial, and Vocational English to adult speakers of other languages of all walks of life is just a fraction of what this training will enable you to do.  You can engage in teaching and helping them to improve their skills in order to advance in their career and expand their horizons.  The rewards are priceless!