Venue: The Spa Hotel, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Date: 18 Nov 2013- 22 Nov 2013

Corporate Governance and Management Excellence Workshop Closing talks


The current drive to institutionalise the concept of corporate governance through the public and private sector is commendable, however since the concept is global there’s a need to expose key players to the international practice.

This programme which indeed has global perspective, is put together to address holistic issues in Corporate Governance, its challenges and the way forward.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the concept of corporate governance
  • Enumerate the principles and control of corporate governance
  • Discuss the corporate governance imperative
  • Identify the problems and challenges of good governance
  • Develop the ideal solution model


Corporate Governance Issues and Concepts:


  • Forms of Business Ownership
  • Separation of Ownership and Control
  • History, Definition and Principles of Corporate Governance
  • Benefits of Good CG
  • Systems of CG
  • Corporate Governance Issues at Family Owned Firms

The Board of Directors Structure & Operations

  • When to Create a Board;
  • Why Boards Are So Important;
  • Understanding the Difference Between the Board and Management;
  • Board Size, Composition, and Evaluation;
  • The Role and Authority of the Board.

Codes Of ‘Best Practice’ and Norms Of Behaviour.

Internal Controls and Accountability.

Executive and Non-Executive Compensation And Incentives

  • Introduction: Key Principles
  • Non-Executive Remuneration
  • Executive Remuneration and Incentive Structure
  • Remuneration Strategy
  • Remuneration Level
  • Remuneration Structure
  • Types of Compensation
  • Crime and Punishment
  • Summary and Conclusion

Financial Supervision and Control; Auditing & Disclosure

  • The lecture consists of four segments:
  • Accounting and Financial Accounting
  • Evaluating Corporate Performance
  • Auditing
  • Disclosure
  • Summary


The Role of Financial Institutions in Corporate Governance.

Risk Management

  • Risk Management: Overview and Definition
  • Risk Management and the Board
  • Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (ERM)
  • Comprehensive Risk Reporting
  • Summary

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The Monitoring Role of Debt
  • The Banking Sector and Corporate Governance
  • The Investment Banking Activities
  • Securities Analysts
  • Credit Rating Agencies
  • Summary

Corporate and System Improvement.


Target Audience:

CEOs, Directors, Legislators, Council Members, Executives of private sectors, Government officials,

Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Directors.

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