Successful marketing strategies:

“It’s about relationships…. Healthy relationships take time, build trust, engage your target market, and require that you know your brand well enough to stick up for it when times are tough.”


Everyone on the team must be on board with the brand, the message, the strategy and especially  each other – so the relationships within the organization become a successful reflection of the relationships you are fostering with your clients and your  base….and yes, this takes time – and it is a process; people and ideas from within will get weeded out over time, more at the beginning of the process and during times of a brand’s identity crisis.

Relationship ‘how to’s can parallel the dating paradigm:

  • Some DO’s
  • Be open and honest.
  • Be charming in every aspect of every business relationship, including your employees!
  • Self deprecation in the illustration of your public persona must be tempered with your other strengths.
  • Offer a pay your own way  proposition (like a money back guarantee of your value.)
  • Some DON’T’s
  • Be  boastful, unless you are selling Dodge Ram type products to a specific target market
  • Say too much too loudly or create a negative (and or naysayer) type persona
  • Make any promises you can’t keep, or repeat your message too many times in too short a span of time.
  • Make it ‘all about you’ because in reality it is all about ‘them’ loving you because you value ‘them’.

Stay posted! Next up: 2. So, it’s also about knowing thyself – Company identity is the king (content) thing…

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