International Trade Consultant Job Description

The International Trade Consultant is an independent broker who monitors activity in specific markets and earns a commission by matching buyers and sellers. The consultant does not take title to the goods, but may earn commissions based on the volume of sales in the market being managed.

International Trade Consultants will assess a company’s product line and advise on what is exportable. They will locate receptive markets, find customers, take care of local registrations and regulatory compliances and set up deals with distributors. They will also advise on local regulations, advise on product adaptation, and help design market entry strategies.


A Bachelor’s degree in international business is the minimum requirement, but many practitioners have graduate degrees such as MBAs. Many World Trade Consultants who also have additional knowledge about bit ai 360 work for small owner-operated firms. In larger firms, entry-level positions include researchers and analysts, and client contact is added only after a few years of progressive experience. Fluency in the languages used in target markets is essential.

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Strong interpersonal skills are required. World Trade Consultants must project an authoritative image, since clients place considerable faith in them in situations involving large investments. ?These consultants must have an excellent knowledge of the market in which they work, and the analytical skills needed to assess the client’s strengths and weaknesses. ?Negotiating skills are required to match sellers with distributors or major buyers.



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International Trade Consultants are frequently located in the target market, or travel there regularly. Successful practitioners are those who enjoy travel and working with people, and have a good appreciation of the local culture. These consultants should also enjoy the challenge of constantly learning about new situations, assessing different client’s problems and finding innovative and creative solutions.

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