How to ensure success with your online course? The key element of success in any course is studying. In order to ensure success, follow this short “MAKE SURE” list:

  • Make sure the course is what you are looking for.
  • Make sure the level of the course is right for you.
  • If you are planning to take a certificate, make sure what we issue is suitable for you.
  • Find out how much work the course requires and make sure you have the time to do it.

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Active Participation

Effective participation and being actively involved with your course are the key factor of successful completion of an online course. Within your online course there are a number of tools, which facilitate the communication between the course members.

The number of active members on any given course fluctuates, as most of these courses do not have fix starting and finishing dates.  Our experience shows that learning in an active group is more enjoyable and always leads to a much higher completion rate. Invite friends and colleagues to join you on the course and preferably work to a similar timetable. It is a great way of learning and also keeping in touch with friends and colleagues are highly recommended.

Keeping Informed:

Keeping track of everything you are interested in is not an easy job. It will require frequent visits to many sites. Here we give you a few tips to make this task easier.

  • Click on our RSS web feed facility and you will be kept up to date with events, such as new courses or certificates. RSS feeds benefit those of you who want to subscribe to updates from favourite websites and collect feeds from many sites into one place.
  •  Join Cavendish Facebook page. Unlike the Website posting which has a more formal and definitive format, our Facebook page is used to allow our members to share their experience with Cavendish community.
  •  We strongly recommend our members to join our group on LinkedIn and develop their network. You can join the relevant groups with the network for exchanging ideas, finding jobs and opportunities.

LinkedIn is a business-related social networking site. It is mainly used for professional networking. LinkedIn reports more than 830 million registered users in more than 200 countries and territories.