CSM examiners are thereto support, motivate and encourage musical learning and achievement. Through our assessments we aim to motivate musical achievement.

ExaminersMarjan Ravandi

Our examiners are the ambassadors of our organisation, and highest professional standards are expected from them. Examiners are appointed by the examination board. Our examiners are highly qualified and skilled in their own field(s). Our examiners are provided with continuing professional development, moderation, monitoring and feedback. Examiners all abide the CSM code of conduct.

Exam time and location

Exams can be conduced at anytime and anywhere with the permission of the national centre. Examiners have to submit the student’s application form fully completed at least one week (or in accordance to the local centre requirements) before exam date. Exam location/centre has to comply with CSM requirements.


Examiners are expected to return the marking sheets back to the exam board. They should not give any grade indication to the applicants. Final grades for all exams are decided by the exam board. The Exam board decision are final.

Appeal procedure

Any applicant who believe their grades do not reflect their through ability, can contact the examination board and lodge an appeal procedure. For more information you have to contact you national examination board.