Paya educational institute has been a Cavendish Aproved Training Centre since 1998. PAYA institute endeavors to raise the scientific level of all those interested , by carrying out various courses pertaining to arts in conformity with the standards of  Cavendish International. For More Details…

Courses include various level which will be taught in consecutive terms. Students successfully completing a course receive a certificate and students successfully completing consecutive courses of a major receive a Diploma.

Students successfully completing two-year courses receive Advanced Professional Diploma.

Students successfully completing three-year courses receive Postgraduate Diploma.


Paya Educational Institute Courses:

  • Graphic Design & Advertising

    • Graphic Design
    • Advertising Design
    • Drawing Techniques
    • Sketching Techniques
    • Painting
    • Illustration
    • Contextual Studies
    • Professional Studies


    • Architectural photography
    • Fashion photography
    • Digital photography
    • General photography

    Fashion Design

    • Fashion Design
    • Casual Clothing
    • Textile Design and Printing
    • Children clothing
    • Period Costumes Design
    • Pattern and Curtain Design
    • Styling
    • Accessories Design
    • Fashion Marketing
    • Dress Modelling
    • Contextual Studies (History  and Style)
    • Professional Studies

    Interior and Architectural Design

    • General Interior design and decoration
    • Residential places and villas
    • Business centers and offices
    • Restaurants and coffee shops
    • Stalls and landscapes design
    • Hospital Interior design
    • Hotels design
    • Outdoor Facade Design
    • Rendering
    • Classic methodology
    • Modern methodology
    • Architectural photography
    • Furniture design
    • Sketches
    • Elements and details of a structure
    • Light and colour
    • Composition
    • Cultural areas design
    • Interior design structure
    • Auto CAD
    • 3D Studio MAX
    • Contextual Studies
    • Professional Studies
Contact Details:
No. 28,  Soleimanzadeh Street,
Shariati ave near Ghods sq